Bridal Retreat and Wellness Weekends! 

Press Pause, Have Fun and Relax

Let’s face it. Planning a wedding can take a huge toll on the bride and everyone involved.  Dozens of decisions: dress fittings, guest list, venue, vows, deadlines, reception, bridesmaids dresses, and playing referee with mom or mother in law can feel overwhelming.  It’s time to press the "pause" button, plan some good fun, and relax at Country Charm Retreats in Brooklyn, Michigan.


Refresh and Relax 

Plan a Bridal Retreat Weekend! What better way to chill out, relax, and take a weekend with bridesmaids and friends?  Pamper yourself and have a fantastic feel good weekend at Country Charm Retreats.  Can you combine a bridal retreat with a bachelorette party? You bet! It’s up to you to decide what kind of experience you are looking to have. Let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We want your visit to be the best.

About Country Charm Retreats

The glaciers created this unique countryside. In the spring, you'll drive among the green Irish Hills; winter visits may greet you with gently falling snow and scenic landscapes. We're located in Brooklyn, Michigan about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor, Jackson and Toledo.  The retreat house is self serve: feel free to bring your arts and crafts, food, beverages, and music devices. The home accommodates 11 people comfortably.  The master bedroom with a king size bed and private bath with garden tub can be reserved for the Bride or Group Coordinator. Modern amenities make this the perfect place for your group to gather, inspire, relax, and have fun! The "white glove clean" open layout provides plenty of room for everybody. 


Big Michigan skies and multi-level decks make it easy to enjoy beautiful scenic nature.  In the summer, your stay includes a 21 foot round pool surrounded by a beautiful deck and comfortable outdoor furniture to relax and enjoy the day in the sunshine.  Pool towels are provided for your convenience.

Top 10 things to do at a Bridal Retreat

  • Private Group Yoga

  • Massages

  • Get Crafty

  • Facials  & Hair styles

  • DIY Pedicures

  • Wine Tasting 

  • Clink Champagne glasses 

  • Create your own bouquets or table arrangements

  • Coffee, Espresso and Tea Tasting Bar

  • Cook, Bake, Share and Eat!   


Make a terrific dinner in the Country Charm Retreats kitchen or go out to dinner with the girls to celebrate! 

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